Jimboomba not-for-profit secures 'care package' funding for retired greyhounds

RETIRED: Retired Greys delivers tailored care packages to assist greyhounds with their transition into retirement. picture: Supplied.

RETIRED: Retired Greys delivers tailored care packages to assist greyhounds with their transition into retirement. picture: Supplied.

Retired Greys, a not-for-profit organisation based in Jimboomba, has secured funding to assemble and deliver care packages to recently retired greyhounds.

The care packages are assembled to assist retired greyhounds with their transition into family home environments and include flea tick and heartworm tablets, toys, dog beds and pet food.

The organisation operates throughout Queensland and is urging owners of retired greyhounds to submit an online application for their care packages.

Retired Greys founder Christine Goodwin said the organisation is looking to help reduce the cost burden for retired and rehomed greyhounds owners.

"It's a package to thank people for taking greyhounds into their homes," said Ms Goodwin.

"There's a gap in going from an athletic career to a home environment. We are specifically targeting to fill this gap," she said.

"So far, with the packages, we've already done, we've done it through word of mouth, which is fantastic in the community environment, but I've exhausted that little group."

The care packages are tailored specifically to cater for each dog's needs.

"Put the application in, then we'll get in contact, and then we work with you to work out what you need," said Ms Goodwin.

"It doesn't matter where we are; it doesn't matter where you are; we'll try and do our best to get to you wherever you are."

Ms Goodwin started the operation in July of last year, applying for grants through the Queensland State Government Community Gambling Benefit fund. The organisation has already delivered 12 packages, but Ms Goodwin hopes to expand her operation now.

"At the moment, we're looking to deliver 50 packages because you've got to start somewhere," she said.

"In the future, if we get funding for other things, we can go back to our applicants and say, do you need more flea tick worm treatment, or can we help you with vaccination costs."

Items included in the care package are sourced mostly from Australia, with the organisation partnering with small businesses to hand-make most products.

Items that aren't manufactured in Australia, such as the toys and flea tick heartworm tablets, have been bought through small Australian companies.

"We've prioritised also helping out small businesses in this economic climate," Ms Goodwin said.

Owners of retired greyhounds are encouraged to visit the Retired Gmainlyreys website for more information.

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