Scenic Rim farmers relieved at much needed rainfall

SOGGY SMILES: The Tommerup puppies have never seen so much water around the farm. Photo: Supplied

SOGGY SMILES: The Tommerup puppies have never seen so much water around the farm. Photo: Supplied

AFTER years of praying for decent rain it seems 2021 has come through for local farmers.

The Scenic Rim copped a drenching this week with record rainfalls across the region.

Meteorologist Lovio Regano from the Bureau of Meteorology said the heaviest rains were over, with more expected from Sunday into next week.

"But the season hasn't even really started. Normally it doesn't kick in until mid-December.

"It's been a record breaking November for all of Queensland. We haven't seen anything like this since 2010, prior to the 2011 floods."

Properties in the Kerry Valley took a hammering from the rainstorms, but farmer Kay Tommerup said while the land was decidedly damp there was no major flooding on the farm.

Kerry Road was closed when the causeway near the Duck Creek Bridge site, which is closed for repairs, became inundated.

Dave Tommerup took the tractor out on Tuesday before Kerry Road was closed to help daughter Georgia get home when the causeway was impacted by minor flooding.

"The biggest issue is the bridge is not there and we have to rely on the causeway, which is really low," Ms Tommerup said.

"It's just been going up and down really quickly when we have a downpour. It wasn't dangerously high when George came home but she didn't want to drive through it, so we picked her up with the tractor.

"It went down and then came up again, the next day it was back up to about 40 centimetres above the causeway, so it was blocked for a few hours."

Tommerups farm recorded 110 millimetres in the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday and the farmers couldn't be happier.

"Right now it's extremely soggy and we're very glad to see the sun today but with the amount of rain we've had so far this year we know that once there's sunshine we're going to be able to get in and make hay and preserve feed for when it inevitably gets dry again.

"It's so nice to have a year where you're not panicking that you're going to run out of water. I don't remember that feeling very well.

"It's just so nice for everything to be so green, there's grass everywhere ... it's not a thing we've had for what feels like such a long time.

"We've had two years of drought and now it's so wet, like there's not really that happy medium but you take it while you can. We'd take this over drought, that's for sure."

Local grazier Lex Dunn said his Kerry property got a good soaking.

"We're very happy," he said.

"We've certainly had adequate rain ... we haven't had the damage that has happened in other areas."

Mr Dunn said it was an early start to the wet season.

"There's at least three months to go so we don't know what's going to happen.

"We haven't had a spring season like this in many, many years.

"It's been a long time since we had a wet spring, so it's set the summer up very well and the grass, you can see it growing."

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