Beaudesert State High School musicians collective creating culture

A GROUP of singers and musicians at Beaudesert State High School have formed a student collective to provide busking performances for fellow students and staff.

The group set up their instruments indoors today to entertain during a downpour that drenched the outdoor areas of the school.

Also known as The Songbirds, the Beaudesert State High School Contemporary Music Collective was put together after a talent contest at the school, said guitarist Monique Browne.

"You could submit either a song or artwork," she said.

"None of the music entries won but Mr Charles put together this group afterwards."

Design and visual art teacher Scott Charles said the number of students involved allowed the group to perform together or split into different groups to present busking-style performances around the school at break times.

"The aim is to create a positive school culture," he said.

"Kids from grade 7 to 11 are currently involved and they determine which songs are going to be played.

"Anyone is welcome if they want to come and play. rehearsals are at lunch time. Next year we will organise an after-school rehearsal once a week.

Mr Charles said this week was only the second time the group had performed together in public.

"The staff has really enjoyed it too," he said.

"There have been a lot of ideas about involving these students in other events like performing at the cafe when they have hospitality events, potentially playing at other arts events that we're doing.

"But the aim for now is to just generally create a music culture around the school."

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