PCYC to vote on Beaudesert club as YACC calls for new members

DONE DEAL: Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce President David Kassulke and YACC president John Powell are optimistic about the PCYC vote next month.
DONE DEAL: Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce President David Kassulke and YACC president John Powell are optimistic about the PCYC vote next month.

THE Beaudesert Youth and Community Centre has appealed for more members to join the campaign to establish more resources for young people.

The Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce and YACC have been unrelenting in efforts to establish a Police Citizen's Youth Club in the town.

After a strong campaign over the past 12 months, PCYC Queensland has investigated the possibility of a facility for Beaudesert and will vote on the matter in November.

Local leaders including deputy mayor Michael Enright, council officers, police and firefighters have shown support for the project by visiting PCYCs in other regions.

State MP Jon Krause endorsed the PCYC push during a speech in Parliament and Beaudesert senior police officer Ken Murray has been involved with the project since the beginning. Federal MP Scott Buchholz has also offered support.

This comes as the Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce last week pledged $10,000 to the PCYC campaign.

YACC president John Powell said PCYC Queensland would vote on the issue in November, with supporters optimistic a facility for Beaudesert would be approved.

Mr Powell said this was the third attempt to get a PCYC in Beaudesert, with previous efforts falling flat due to lack of support and a failure to recognise the problems faced by young people.

"In no way do I say this in an attempt to run our community down," he said.

"If you talk to police you will hear (there) is one domestic violence case very day, 30 every month and in each of those homes there are two to three children," he said.

"If you talk to the schools and look at the statistics you will find our exclusion rates at both primary and high schools are among the highest in the state. Higher than Beenleigh and Caboolture.

"Headspace opened here a couple of weeks ago and there is already a three-month waiting list."

Mr Powell said an increase in low cost housing had resulted in more than 37 per cent of the local population relying on some form of welfare but a PCYC would be good for everyone in Beaudesert.

"PCYC is not just about helping people with problems and young people at risk but also helping those not at risk who want to develop skills and abilities to enhance their lives and opportunities," he said.

"The Beaudesert Chamber of Commerce PCYC Steering Group was formed in September last year.

"Since then we have been investigating the need for, and developing strategies to provide some much needed facilities and support programs for our community.

"YACC was incorporated to carry on this work.

"Our dedicated group of volunteers has worked tirelessly to get to this point and now we need our broader community to get involved.

"We are asking for people and or businesses to become members of YACC to assist us in achieving our goals.

"Funds raised through memberships will help us further develop YACC and for us to provide some community support programs.

"The pledge of $10,000 from the Chamber of Commerce is absolutely wonderful. It will be a huge benefit to YACC and ultimately the local community."

Mr Powell said the group was determined to get a dedicated PCYC facility built and in the interim would be providing local youth with more resources including continued support for Beaudesert Boxing Club, which YACC helped set up a training program at Beaudesert State High School.

Other planned events include an Emergency Services cadet program to be run at Beaudesert Fire Station, a school exclusion program, learner driver program and police mentoring.

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