Local roads to be resealed by Christmas, says Scenic Rim council

RESEAL: Previous work carried out on Veresdale Scrub Road. Photo: SRRC

RESEAL: Previous work carried out on Veresdale Scrub Road. Photo: SRRC

MORE road works are on the way as upgrades have been scheduled for some sections local roads.

Scenic Rim Regional Council has announced bitumen resurfacing (resealing) will take place this spring along sections of various sealed roads across the region, with the work to be completed by Christmas.

Works scheduled will cover about 90 kilometres of the 962 kilometres of council's sealed roads over the next three months to resurface the bitumen (reseal) and "ensure the Scenic Rim has a well-maintained, safe and interconnected transport network".

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said more than 230 sections would be resurfaced by December.

"This is a great result for residents and visitors and part of council's ongoing commitment to an accessible and serviced region as set out in its corporate plan to provide and maintain critical council-owned infrastructure," he said.

"All roads will remain open for the duration of the works with only minor delays expected.

"Bitumen resurfacing (resealing) not only improves the travelled surface for motorists, it acts as a waterproof barrier to improve the longevity of our roadways.

"The road sections are selected as part of a prioritisation process which is largely based on the seal condition.

"A condition assessment of our roads is undertaken by industry experts every three years, with annual reviews by council's own staff with the data gained from both used in this process.

"This year's program of work is estimated to use more than 960,000 litres of bitumen to resurface what is approximately 10 per cent of council's sealed road network."

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