The Centre Beaudesert to hold Ross Noble comedy comeback

FOR A LAUGH: Ross Noble is coming to The Centre Beaudesert on July 24. Photo: Supplied

FOR A LAUGH: Ross Noble is coming to The Centre Beaudesert on July 24. Photo: Supplied

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed comedian Ross Noble is coming to Beaudesert for a one-night performance at The Centre.

The event will be on Saturday, July 24 as part of Noble's 2021 Comeback Special tour.

The British comedian, who is well known on TV both here and in the UK, now lives in Melbourne.

His tour was interrupted by COVID-19 restrictions.

"We started in the beginning of this year and we kept getting forced off the road by COVID," he said.

"So this is like part two."

Noble said it would be the first time he had visited Beaudesert.

"I did a radio interview this morning and I thought the name of the town was French, so I pronounced it 'Beau-de-sert'," he said.

"I wasn't trying to be pretentious or anything, I just thought it was a French name.

"We can thank COVID for the Beaudesert show, it was supposed to be at Logan but they turned that venue into a vaccination centre."

The comic said he had been well received on tour.

"Everyone's been stuck at home and you can see they are excited about getting out and seeing a live show," he said.

"The great thing about stand up is everyone being in a room together, it's the best art form for being in the moment."

The content of the show would remain a mystery until the night, Noble said.

"I normally just see where the wind's blowing and see what's occupying my mind and talk about that," he said.

"Basically it's whatever's in my head but I'll be happy to talk about Celebrity Apprentice and tell a few stories that didn't make the cut on the show."

Noble, who lost his home in the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, said he appeared on the show to help raise funds for the Australian Red Cross.

"When you're rebuilding your home and get your life back together after something like that, you don't tend to focus enough on your mental health," he said.

"The great thing about the Red Cross is they offer support for people dealing with mental health issues years after the event."

Noble said given his own experiences he could very much empathise with people who were devastated by the Black Summer bushfires that struck the Scenic Rim in 2019-20.

The comedian will also appear at the Redland Performing Art Centre on July 21.

"I went there earlier in the year," he said.

"I had a gig at another town that had the word 'red' in it but I went to Redlands and was obviously in the wrong venue in the wrong place.

"At least this time I'll definitely know where I'm going."

Ross Noble's Beaudesert show will start at 8pm on July 24.

Tickets are on sale now online, or by phoning (07) 5540 5050 during office hours (Tues-Fri) for $54.90, with group bookings (10 or more people) for $49.90 per person.