Horror 48 hours sees four lives lost at sea

Horror 48 hours sees four lives lost at sea

It's been a horror two days on Australian oceans with four men dead, one injured, and two very lucky near misses.

Off NSW's South Coast a man died this afternoon while trying to save his daughter from a rip.

Police said the man went to help his nine-year-old daughter who got caught in a rip at the southern end of Surf Beach, Batemans Bay at about 12.45pm.

Acting inspector Tim Winkelman of Batemans Bay Police said members of the public managed to help the young girl, however, her father was swept to sea.

Off the Illawarra coast, south of Sydney, three fisherman were pulled from the sea on Sunday after their runabout flipped.

Worried family members raised the alarm about 6am on Sunday when the men, all from the Wollongong area, failed to return from a fishing trip.

They'd set off in a 4.6-metre runabout from Wollongong's Bellambi boat ramp on Saturday afternoon.

The first body was found at Corrimal Beach, to the south of the boat ramp, about mid-morning. The other two and the overturned boat were located a few hours later, east of the boat ramp.

On the NSW North Coast, a man in his 20s was attacked by a shark on Monday afternoon.

Two NSW ambulance crews attended Main Beach, Crescent Head, after reports of a shark attack.

He was assisted from the water and at the time of writing remained at the scene being treated by emergency services for a serious arm injury.

The man is expected to be airlifted to John Hunter Hospital with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service currently on scene.

Two women off NSW Central Coast also had a lucky escape after being swept into the water on Monday morning.

The women, believed to be aged 21 and 17, have been treated by paramedics after they were swept into the water at Catherine Hill Bay

NSW Ambulance paramedics were called to the scene at Surfside Drive just before noon where the Westpac Rescue Helicopter had conducted an aerial search of the water and located two women struggling to stay afloat.

The helicopter's critical care paramedic was winched into the water to rescue the pair.

Four fisherman in Victoria had a lucky escape after their boat's motor ripped off the whole transom.

A large sound alerted four fishermen to a 150 horsepower motor falling off the back of their boat about 10 kilometres south of Killarney, in south western Victoria, on Monday morning.

Koroit police Senior Constable Chris Kelly said the two men and two 11-year-old boys were heading out to chase tuna about 10am when the incident happened.

"They were going out fishing with another boat about 10am and were about 10 kilometres offshore, almost directly south of Killarney, when the motor fell off," he said.

"They heard a large donk sound, turned around and the motor fell off the back of the boat."

Luckily they had friends in a boat also in the area, who brought them safely back to shore.