Krause speaks up for Beaudesert Kingfishers in Parliament address

ACTION: Krause told Parliament more facilities were needed for the growing number of women taking up the sport. Photo: Larraine Sathicq
ACTION: Krause told Parliament more facilities were needed for the growing number of women taking up the sport. Photo: Larraine Sathicq

SCENIC Rim MP Jon Krause gave a speech in Parliament last week calling on the government to take action to support the Beaudesert Kingfishers.

Mr Krause said a funding application lodged more than a year ago had still not been processed.

Kingfishers president Scott Bannan said the club was grateful for Mr Krause's intervention.

"He is the only person really standing up for us, he helped us get funding for a $35,000 storage shed because we were using shipping containers for storage," he said.

"We need more field space and we need more amenities.

"We've been around a long time and produced Australian reps including Jamal Fogarty, Germaine Paulson and the Gee brothers."

Bannan said the Kingfishers were proud of their up and coming NRL start including U14s Levi Bannan and Caleb Cresswell who had been selected for elite player development teams for the Broncos and Titans.

"We are the beating heart of this town and compared to every other club we can't seem to get much help," he said.

Sports minister Stirling Hinchcliffe said the Palaszczuk government had invested more than $11 million in 29 female-friendly amenities projects in the last year to help clubs meet the increase in demand for facilities, particularly from Queensland girls.

"I wish we were able to help every community club with every sporting infrastructure request all at once, but unfortunately our budget isn't limitless," he said.

"The Palaszczuk government has, however, committed $51.3 million to the COVID-Safe Restart Plan to support community-based sport and recreation clubs and state sporting organisations through the pandemic.

"We're pleased to help Kingfishers Rugby League with new goal posts and pads while the Department continues working with the club to identify opportunities for change room upgrades.

"It's terrific to see Kingfishers Rugby League supporting young Queensland girls and women lining up on the paddock to excel in traditionally male dominated codes.

"Over the last five-years, the number of young girls playing Rugby League in Queensland has more than doubled. We know young female Queenslanders shine in sport when they have encouragement, role models and safe facilities."

Mr Krause said the grant in question was part of the state government's Active Community Infrastructure funds.

"I stand in the House tonight to make representations on behalf of the Beaudesert Kingfishers Rugby League club and ... urge the government to reopen and get on with delivering infrastructure grants for sporting clubs which have been frozen for the last few months or so," he said.

"The Kingfishers put an application in for a grant towards the end of 2019 or early 2020 and they have been stranded in that process ever since.

"It is a grant application that they put a significant time into in order to obtain funding to upgrade their amenities-their toilet and change room facilities-to cater for a very strong growing cohort of female rugby league players and also to deal with the growth in participation around the Beaudesert region."

Mr Krause told Parliament that growth in participation had reached the point where Beaudesert could not host regional or district carnivals for Rugby League because there was not enough space for people to get changed and, in particular, not enough female-friendly facilities.

"I urge the minister to reopen those infrastructure grants and to provide grant funding for the Beaudesert Kingfishers," he said.

"They have produced some wonderful Rugby League players over the years.

"They are the linchpin of our community.

"They have done all the right things by putting together a great application and they deserve some assistance in upgrading their amenities, which are well beyond needing an upgrade."