Council confirms Beaudesert pig and calf sales to end this month

LOCALS and visitors at this week's Beaudesert pig and calf sales, held at the heritage listed Helen Street saleyard, were furious to hear that the fortnightly sales will be no more after the lease runs out on March 31.

Hayes & Co owner Peter Hayes announced ahead of the auction that he had received verbal confirmation that council would not be renewing his lease, meaning the next sale on March 22 would be the last one.

"We don't have anything in writing... I've requested something in writing by this morning but the haven't given us anything," he said.

Scenic Rim Regional Council confirmed that Mr Hayes' announcement was correct.

Mr Hayes said he had received two phone calls from council citing health and safety issues as the reason for discontinuing the sales.

Josephville resident Ray Edwards encouraged people to stand up to council to save the pig and calf sales.

"Get onto your local members ... some of these guys are not interested in keeping this," he said.

"One councillor said it's got white ant nests in the posts and I said I'll donate the posts to put back up.

"It's structurally sound, all it needs is a sump and sewerage tank for the effluence. We're not talking about mega dollars."

Saleyard supporter Marie Ammala said she was beyond angry.

"Fuming isn't the word," she said. "This council won't get back in again, I can guarantee. Most people here are angry to think that they're going to leave something the community uses, that brings revenue into the township and leave it sit here as a white elephant."

Aratula cattle breeder Winnie Gurd agreed.

"I think they had to find some excuse for shutting it and that's why they're saying it's not safe," she said. "I've been coming here 40 years and not one person has been injured in these yards."

Visitor Kerry Cahill bought a pair of ducklings after coming across the pig and calf sale by accident.

'We were driving through on our way to The Lost World and we wondered what was going on here," she said.

"So we pulled over and bought these ducklings to take back to the Gold Coast. We're so lucky to have come across the sale, especially if they're closing it down."

Beaudesert resident Barry Balmer, who used to be a paper boy in the town when he was 11-years-old, said he was not happy with council's decision.

"I was born and bred in Beaudesert and I used to work at the old saleyard back in '57," he said.

"If you ask me, this town has gone backwards."

Shirley Ford from Birnam said it would be a shame to lose the saleyards as they could be an educational resource for the next generation.

"Some of the stories these old blokes can tell you are really interesting," she said.

"The school has brought cattle here for sale, my son-in-law has bought some of them."

The pig and calf sale also saw people lining up to sign a petition calling for change to how Scenic Rim council meetings are conducted.

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