Beaudesert saleyard approved for heritage listing

BIG WIN: Peter Hayes from saleyard operator Haes & Co.

BIG WIN: Peter Hayes from saleyard operator Haes & Co.

BEAUDESERT'S historic calf and pig saleyard on Helen Street has been approved for inclusion on the Queensland Heritage Register.

The listing now offers legislative protection to the yards and stymies any move by the Scenic Rim Regional Council to develop them as part of council's planned revitilisation project.

The council, which manages the lease on the saleyards, said in its submission to the Queensland Heritage Council last year that the property did not meet state heritage criteria.

They said councillors had voted on the matter on September 21 and decided not to support the yards being included on the register.

Council did not consider the yards to have state-level heritage significance, arguing that the structure was not original, with the saleyard as it stood at best 70 years old after changes in the 1950s.

HISTORY PRESERVED: Beaudesert's fortnightly pig and calf sales are part of Beaudesert tradition. Photo: Supplied

HISTORY PRESERVED: Beaudesert's fortnightly pig and calf sales are part of Beaudesert tradition. Photo: Supplied

Beaudesert solicitor Cliff Kroesen said he wrote the application on behalf of the community and was delighted with the outcome.

"This means we can continue the 116 year tradition of pig and calf sales in Beaudesert," he said.

'We can be proud of those 116 years and now we have a real opportunity to expand and capitalise on the sales as part of the town's revitalisation. It also means small acreage landholders can continue to buy livestock locally.

'The Heritage Department did a terrific job researching the saleyard. Beaudesert was the biggest pig producing regions for a time. The Beaudesert pig and calf sales are one of only nine remaining sets in Queensland.

"The Heritage Department stated the pig and calf saleyard in Beaudesert retained a high degree of structural integrity and they also considered the yards met the criteria for a strong social or cultural association for the people of the region."

Peter Hayes, owner of the saleyards' operators Hayes & Co, said he was pleased with the news.

"I'm hoping everything stays the same now," he said.

"And if it doesn't, we will be having some very strong words with local councillors."

Mr Hayes said he had yet to hear from council about continuing the lease to operate the sales but he understood council would not be officially notified until some time this week.

"Thank you to all the people who signed the petition and to solicitor (Cliff Kroesen) for doing a top job," he said.

"This is a very good win for the people, the sales are a part of history, they are a meeting place and the local shops and produce sheds do well out of them as well."

A spokesperson for council said the move would not delay plans for the town revitalisation project.

"Scenic Rim Regional Council acknowledges the decision made on Friday by the Queensland Heritage Council to enter the Beaudesert pig and calf saleyard in the Queensland Heritage Register," the spokesperson said.

"Our officers will await formal notification from the Department of Environment and Science and more detailed information about the decision before making any further comment.

"This decision will not impact the activity timelines of the revitalisation of Beaudesert's town centre currently being delivered by council."