Beaudesert Hospital unearths time capsule buried in 2000

A CEREMONY to unearth a time capsule buried in 2000 was held at Beaudesert Hospital yesterday to help mark the 120th anniversary of hospital services in the town.

Executives of the Beaudesert and Logan Health Service as well as Beaudesert Hospital Staff and members of the Beaudesert Hospital Auxilliary were in attendance.

All were keen to see what items were deemed of historic value 20 years ago and were not disappointed.

Nursing and Midwifery facility manager Jacquie Smith started the proceedings.

"I'm very proud of this hospital and very proud of the quality of care that we provide and it's reputation in the community," she said.

"You really feel part of the family."

Logan and Beaudesert Health Service executive director Noelle Cridland hospital services were vital in country towns.

"I'm really delighted to be here celebrating with you," she said.

"There's no doubt that a community hospital is part of (a rural town's) lifeblood.

"I'm thrilled that we've got such a strong and committed staff and very, very committed community of volunteers.

"Their importance to Beaudesert Hospital can't be underestimated."

Ms Cridland said health workers at the hospital had adapted to a lot of change and remained a place where people could receive quality care and compassion.

"Thank you for making sure Beaudesert Hospital stays a really contemporary place for people ... where we know their care is going to be safe and it's going to be quality.

"It's important for the community to have access to those sorts of services.

"It's a great joy to be able to celebrate history, knowing the staff that has gone before us and we've kept that flame alight.

"I'm always delighted to have a look at old photos, what the hospital used to look like.

"We are lucky to have such a fabulous facility and I'm very excited to see what people thought important 20 years ago, but more importantly I think today is important to celebrate how the community has helped keep Beaudesert Hospital a fabulous place,"

When the time capsule was opened, there were several items of historic value, including a list of doctors, nurses and members of the hospital auxiliary, some of whom were present at the ceremony.

The capsule contained memories including nurses' badges, party invitations and photographs of the original hospital structures.

Among those in attendance were Beaudesert Hospital Auxiliary volunteers Lyn Loweke, Vivienne Todd and Pat Burnett.

Director support officer Natasja Frieberg was surprised to see a photo of herself included in the times capsule.

Ms Frieberg started work at Beaudesert Hospital as an admin assistant in 1988.

Staff members stepped forward to add a contribution to another time capsule, which organisers said would be opened in 25 or 30 years' time.

Some of the items to be buried included photos taken during the 2017 flood when staff members were forced to stay at the hospital for four days and nights as well as pictures of the alpaca therapy animals, mementos of the COVID-19 health crisis, badges from both nurses and volunteers and a Beaudesert Times newspaper clipping celebrating the birth of the hospital's 1000th baby.