Rathdowney Memorial Grounds caravan park residents escape eviction

STAYING: The Rathdowney caravan park residents are happy with the news that they no longer face eviction.

STAYING: The Rathdowney caravan park residents are happy with the news that they no longer face eviction.

THANKS to legal representation from a Victorian law firm, long-term residents of Rathdowney Caravan Park will be able to stay in their homes.

The Beaudesert Times reported in February that the residents, some of whom had lived in the caravan park for 19 years, had been issued eviction notices and told by the Rathdowney and District Memorial Grounds Association they had until May 3 to vacate the park.

After businesses and residents of Rathdowney rallied behind the caravan park residents one of the residents' supporters Pam Hardgrave, said a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruling this month provided a positive result.

"After many months of uncertainty and anxiety, the long term residents of the Rathdowney Caravan Park have heard the news that they had been longing to hear, that they could remain living at the Rathdowney Caravan Park permanently," she said.

"This outcome was reached through negotiation between the parties and their legal representatives.

"The terms of settlement are confidential but reflect a sensible compromise on the part of both the long term residents and the Executive committee".

Rathdowney and District Memorial Grounds Association president Andrew Buchanan said he was glad the issue had been resolved.

"The reason this started was we couldn't afford to do necessary upgrades to the power at the site," he said.

"Now we have sold a couple of dongers on the property and that money will be used to get the work done.

"We will upgrade the electricity and probably do a water upgrade too.

'Everyone is happy and now we can get on with things."

Ms Hardgrave said the long term residents were extremely grateful for the pro bono assistance provided by their legal team, J + K Law and barrister, Mr Geoff Lake.

The long term residents were also appreciative of the community support towards them and wanted to thank everybody who signed the petition supporting their stay.

Executive committee member Doug Hardgrave said he was proud of everybody working together to resolve the matter.

"I hope the resolution of this issue will give the caravan park residents peace of mind and allow the Executive Committee to continue to focus on important community projects," he said.