Tamrookum school holds show day for students

TAMROOKUM State School students enjoyed a special treat today after normal classes were cancelled in favour of a country show day just for them.

Principal Liz Salmoni said the school normally held an end of term event for students and this one was important for the children since there would be no Beaudesert Show this year.

'So we put our thinking caps on and came up with this idea for a good old fashioned country show," she said.

The children spent the morning at play, enjoying a series of outdoor activities chosen for maximum fun including sack races, boot tossing, skipping, footy target, tug o'war, balloon popping and an egg and spoon race.

Tamrookum State School business manager Janice Woodeson said seeing the smiles on children's faces and hearing their laughter made show day well worth the effort.

"We decided to go above and beyond to give the kids a fun day," she said.

"We have show bags and prizes as well as dagwood dogs and hot chips for first break and popcorn and spider drinks for second break."

The show day even featured livestock, with cattle from the neighbouring dairy farm lining up along the school gate to check out the action.

More photos to come.