Beaudesert's Anna Street police station is no more

BEAUDESERT police will no longer be operating from their Anna Street station as of 4pm today.

Officer in Charge Ken Murray said the move was completed in four hours by three removalist companies and officers making numerous trips from the old station to their temporary digs at Oakland Way.

"It was one of the smoothest relocations I have experienced," he said.

"Everything went to plan and it had no effect on calls for service."

Senior Sergeant Murray said the move involved transferring the armory, lockers, computers, the breath analysis machine and some items of furniture as well as the original plaque presented at the 1981 opening of the Beaudesert police station by then Police Minister Russ Hinze.

"I'll give it a polish and keep it here," he said.

The station at Oakland shopping centre is much larger and more modern than the Anna Street premises and Senior Sergeant Murray said having extra space and resources would be excellent for staff morale.

"Having a fit for purpose structure will have a dramatic effect on officers in their day to day policing," he said.

"Here we have access to an interview room, a quiet room and analysis rooms. We also have a live scan automated fingerprint ID machine that provides results immediately, while a person is still in custody.

"The bushfires showed us that we needed an emergency command centre for co-ordinated response in times of crisis, which is what police do best.

"This facility is amazing, even though it's temporary."

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the new, state-of-the-art $7 million Beaudesert police facility would deliver first-class infrastructure for police and meet the policing needs of the local community well into the future.

"In the meantime, the temporary police facility at Oakland Way will continue to ensure effective policing is met and maintained in Beaudesert.

"Local police do commendable work keeping the community safe and they deserve the very best resources and infrastructure," he said.

"The new Beaudesert police facility is more than an investment in infrastructure. It's an investment in our police and an investment in the people who live and work in Beaudesert.

"It's an investment in their future."

As the Beaudesert police were settling into their new home, they also had a visit from co-owner of Oakland shopping precinct Clare Robinson and Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause.

Ms Robinson said she was happy to have a police presence near to Greener Grocer, where there have been break-ins since the store opened in 2017.

"It does provide some peace of mind knowing we have the police here," she said.

"It is a good addition to the shopping centre."

Mr Krause said he got the ball rolling for a new police station in 2014.

"Finally, Beaudesert and our police are on a path to having a new police station that has been a long time coming," he said.

"We need more police in our district to serve the community and I will keep on with the lobbying to deliver this- officers, resources and facilities."

Police can be contacted on 07 3826 4298.