Beaudesert's Helen Street saleyard still on council's chopping block

SHORT REPRIEVE: Peter Hayes says options are slim for relocating the Helen Street saleyards.

SHORT REPRIEVE: Peter Hayes says options are slim for relocating the Helen Street saleyards.

SCENIC Rim regional Council's plan to demolish the Helen Street saleyard in Beaudesert has created more anger among Scenic Rim residents.

This follows a council vote saw that only Cr Derek Swanborough backing a proposal to reopen community consultation on the matter.

In the meantime an application has been made to have the saleyard heritage listed and a citizens petition to keep them where they are has gained traction.

Council says it has delayed the demolition to further investigate what can be done and had recently consulted with farmers and other interested parties.

"Council has extended the lease of the Beaudesert saleyard until December 31," their spokesperson said.

"This will allow time for due processes to further assess a number of factors including current saleyard's structural condition and operational safety, costs that would be required to remedy such issues and the impact and risk to the funding performance requirements of the wider project if the yards were to remain.

"This extension will also allow for the heritage listing application to be evaluated."

"Council has continued consultation relating to public art and heritage for the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation project. Four workshops were recently held with elders, farmers, traders and the arts and crafts community, which allowed them to provide feedback and share stories that may be interpreted within the precinct."

Hayes & Co owner Peter Hayes, who holds the lease on the property, said he had not been invited to the workshops.

"They have extended the lease until the end of the year but apart from suggesting we take the sales to the Beaudesert Showgrounds they have not offered any other options," he said.

"The Show Society said no because of the noise issue.

"We would definitely like to keep the sales going in Beaudesert. It's a community thing, an outing and I believe people who come to the sales also spend money in the town while they're in Beaudesert."

"I think council is hoping it will just go away but it's not going to go away. The petition now has more than 1200 signatures."

Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause weighed in on the issue, saying he had spoken to the local councillor about it.

"Basically it's like our local council turfing out the footy club from council sporting fields without getting them a new home ground for their next season," he said.

"Beaudesert has a very rich agricultural tradition... there's a sense that that's been lost and I think council should reconsider their decision."

The Beaudesert Times published an article about the issue in June, when a council spokesperson confirmed plans to demolish the structure as part of the town beautification project, which had received "strong support" from the wider community.

"The Short Street saleyard will be removed as part of the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation project, which... will help stimulate economic growth and community vitality," the spokesperson said.

Residents have until September 7 to write in to the Heritage Council at using the wording "I support the application for inclusion on the register against criteria stated in the application".

To see a copy of the application visit