Queensland now has 11 active COVID-19 cases after another three test positive

TESTS: The pop-up testing clinic at Parklands Church School yesterday.

TESTS: The pop-up testing clinic at Parklands Church School yesterday.

The Queensland government has reported three new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours - in addition to the 3 new cases announced yesterday - bringing the total case number to 1082.

One case recently returned from overseas and is in hotel quarantine.

The other two cases recently returned from NSW and were not in a declared hotspot at the time.

Both were in self-imposed quarantine since their return from NSW and now remain in isolation.

There are now eleven active cases in Queensland, with five of them in hospital.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said that the fact that two of today's cases and two yesterday's cases had been in Sydney and Melbourne highlighted the importance of Queensland Health declaring hotspots in those locations.

"Today's cases have done the right thing and remained in quarantine or self-isolation after coming back into Queensland," Dr Young said.

"But because yesterday's cases had been in the community and visited a number of locations for more than a week before testing confirmed they had COVID-19, anyone in Logan, South Brisbane or Springfield who has any symptoms at all should come forward, get tested and isolate themselves.

"Contact tracing for cases confirmed yesterday, July 29, is well underway.

"Most close contacts have been identified, contacted directly and provided with advice. Contact tracing is on-going.

"We have responded rapidly. We carried out over 1000 tests in Metro South yesterday. This testing capacity has been expanded and will continue.

"Because one of yesterday's confirmed cases has not provided details of where they had been or who they had had close contact with, I'm asking all Queenslanders who may have had close contact with a known case, or who have any symptoms at all, to self-isolate and to get tested.

"I know some of the pop-up clinics have been really busy, and some people have had to wait to be tested, and I thank you for your patience.

"What you are doing is very important. You do not have to get tested at your closest pop-up clinic - if you have symptoms, you can get tested at any of them. You can also call your GP and arrange a test through them.

"If you haven't already done so, please download the COVID-safe app and carefully consider plans to travel out of Queensland, especially to Victoria or New South Wales.

"With regard to applying for exemptions to the border or other directions, we are receiving a very large quantity of requests. I just want to make it clear that we grant very, very few exemptions, and only in unique or exceptional cases where adequate evidence of measures being put in place that ensures the safety the community has been provided.

"Effective yesterday, all aged care facilities on Brisbane's South are not permitted to accept visitors due to the increased risk of infection. Additionally, there will be an increase in screening for COVID-19 and a limitation on staff transfers between facilities.

"We understand this is a difficult time, but the safety of Queenslanders is our top priority.

"The most important message is: Feeling sick? Stay home. Get tested."

For more information about public health directions, visit health.qld.gov.au