Beaudesert to lose livestock saleyard as council moves ahead with town refurb project

SALEYARD: A petition has been set up to try and save the Beaudesert livestock market. Photo: Keer Moriarty

SALEYARD: A petition has been set up to try and save the Beaudesert livestock market. Photo: Keer Moriarty

RESIDENTS who regularly attend the Hayes & Co fortnightly livestock markets are furious at Scenic Rim council's decision to bulldoze the Beaudesert saleyard in Helen Street.

A Scenic Rim Council spokesperson confirmed the closure.

"The Short Street saleyards will be removed as part of the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation project, which... will help stimulate economic growth and community vitality," the spokesperson said.

"While council recognises the connection that some in our community have with these yards as a meeting place, the overall benefit for having a space for a wider cross section of community to meet in and enjoy has received strong support.

"In August 2019, council provided advice to the current saleyards lessee that no further leases would be available from August 2020 so that council can deliver this project for the community."

Hayes & Co owner Peter Hayes said he received no such notification.

"Council said they sent an email last year letting us know but the only email we received last year suggested the lease would be renewed," he said.

"We asked them to resend that notification, we've been through all our emails and we didn't get it.

"I don't think council is telling the whole story. We were only informed of this a fortnight ago that the sales were finished after August 31 this year."

Mr Hayes said the news came as a shock to everyone.

"Council spent about $30,000 18 months or so ago to repair the roof and now they're going to demolish something with a 100 year history in Beaudesert," he said.

"It used to be owned by the railway, back when they would load the pigs and calves onto the train.

"The backlash from the rural people who come to the sales to sell their chooks, ducks and sheep has been vicious but it's not our fault.

"We don't make a big profit from these sales, we mostly do it as a community service. But the rural part of Beaudesert seems to be disappearing."

Canungra resident Marie Ammala said the closure would affect people who drive from near and far to attend the sales, including Beaudesert State High School agriculture students.

"This place belongs to the community, it is used by the community and it has been operating for about 100 years," she said.

"This is somewhere for the older generation to get together, and in the school holidays children love to come along as well.

"I am not opposed to progress and I could understand if only five or six people turned up every fortnight but that is not the case.

"Why isn't someone doing something about this? It would be a tragedy if council can get away with doing this."

Mr Hayes said a petition to save the saleyard had already garnered many signatures.

The petition is available at Hayes & Co at Silverdale and will also be made available at sites around Beaudesert.