Roadvale's Dr Chris Summers to contest mayoralty on March 28

ELECTION: Dr Chris Summers will run against Greg Christensen and John Brent in the March 28 mayoral race. Photo: Supplied
ELECTION: Dr Chris Summers will run against Greg Christensen and John Brent in the March 28 mayoral race. Photo: Supplied

AUTHOR and retired school guidance officer Dr Chris Summers will face Greg Christensen and John Brent in a bid for Scenic Rim's top job next month.

Dr Summers, who has a doctorate in education, has worked as a guidance officer in schools across Queensland.

He said his campaign was based on "our voice, our community".

"This encapsulates my view that as a council we need to listen to our ratepayers and deliver services that are accountable, transparent and meet community and ratepayer expectations," Dr Summers said.

"I am of the belief that council and councillors need strong leadership in terms of addressing issues that are coming up," he said.

"The issues include public transport, roads, the environment, development and finding jobs for our young people as well as our older people.

"I am also concerned that people get value for their ratepayer dollar with accountability and transparency that also meets the expectations of the ratepayers."

Dr Summers said councillors were uniquely placed to bring forward ideas, concerns and issues that may be impacting their local community and for which council had the power to enact positive change.

"However, any change must be based on evidence and weighing up the benefits and costs to the whole of the Scenic Rim region," he said.

"I am all for supporting businesses that can demonstrate their ability to enhance the overall welfare and environment for all Scenic Rim citizens.

"Development must fit in with our unique community assets and support job creation for all, young as well as older people, and sustain our beautiful environment into the future.

"I am passionate about supporting the tourism, primary producers, small business owners and the entertainment and arts industries here in the Scenic Rim and believe that council is well placed to facilitate and support these industries to grow in the Scenic Rim."

Dr Summers was born in Broken Hill and left school in year 10 to take up a motor mechanic apprenticeship. After several years working as a mechanic he decided to return to school, completed his year 12 and went on to university, completing several undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

"I have worked as a Guidance Officer for more than 20 years with Education Queensland and retired in 2019 from Silkstone Primary School.

"I have been engaged in writing a book on Shakespeare's Sonnets and the draft of that book is now with a publisher in the UK.

"This freed up time for me to consider a run for local council elections and as I have been residing in the Scenic Rim region with my wife Judy since 2011, the Scenic Rim was a logical choice.

"My number one priority for running is I believe that with the right leadership team at the helm of council, listening and acting on behalf of ratepayers and the community, we can make a difference, now and for future generations to enjoy the unique benefits that come from living and working in the beautiful Scenic Rim.