Three simple tips to make it a floral festive season

Why not? Add a pop of colour to your Christmas decorations.
Why not? Add a pop of colour to your Christmas decorations.

Flowers just make a difference and Christmas, when you have family and friends over, is no different.

We've asked David Berger for his top tips on floral arrangements for the season.

Given his 25-year career in the industry includes not just time at David Jones but also eight years as a floristry teacher at TAFE NSW

David has more than 25 years' experience in the floristry industry and worked for David Jones Florist before joining TAFE NSW as a floristry teacher eight year ago.

He says floral decorations are an easy and creative way to bring life to any festive display whether it be a Christmas wreath adorning the front door or a floral arrangement on the dining table.

Go native

Arrange a bunch of Australian native flowers in a vase on a table, like the Christmas Bush as it has red flowers and can make the table pop with colour. For a more elaborate look, weave Christmas decorations like baubles through floral arrangements to spruce an otherwise ordinary bouquet.

Keep your festive floral pieces fresh

Keep your flowers looking fresh and in the best condition all festive season by changing the water in the vase every three days and adding one tablespoon of bleach to the water. This will prevent bacteria from growing and keep the water looking clear and odourless. When placing flowers and foliage in the vase, remove leaves below water line and cut stems at 45 degree angle.

Best blooms to use

David suggests using Australian native blooms when making festive decorations such as Christmas wreaths and table arrangements because they are guaranteed to last the whole Christmas season. Australian natives like the Christmas Bush, Banksias, Grevillea and Christmas Bells work well for festive decorations because of their colour and longevity.

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