Scenic Rim Regional Council conducts online "sentiment survey"

SPEAK UP: Thousands of customers have been surveyed online.
SPEAK UP: Thousands of customers have been surveyed online.

SCENIC Rim Regional Council says it has made changes to put customers at the forefront of operations and has called for feedback from Scenic Rim residents.

Chief executive Jon Gibbons said he was committed to developing a contemporary and customer-focused organisation.

"My vision is to transform Council services so that our customers have a seamless and consistent experience when they deal with us regardless of the service we are providing.

"We know we need to explore opportunities to be more efficient and productive so we can meet the needs and expectations of our communities," Mr Gibbons said.

Appointed in December last year as part of council's renewed leadership team, Debra Howe, Customer and Regional Prosperity general manager said it was not lost on her that having customer in her title is core to council's mandate.

"Since I started at council at the end of last year, I'm reminded each day that our customers need to be at the heart of everything we do, which is why we have mobilised the Customer Centricity Project.

"Engaging with our customers early in the project is fundamental to its success, as it's important we understand what we are doing well and what we can do better.

"This week, we have distributed a short online sentiment survey to more than 8,000 randomly selected external customer groups, and we will also be holding smaller external customer focus groups over the next two weeks.

"The information we gain from this consultation will help us improve services that align with community expectations, satisfaction, priorities and aspirations.

"If you are one of the customers surveyed or invited to participate in a focus group as part of this process, we thank you in advance for providing your valuable feedback," said Ms Howe.

Jon Gibbons said building a customer focused organisation was the next step in the Refresh and Refocus program announced in August 2018.

"We're building a renewed leadership team with stronger accountability and now it's timely to look at the service delivery to our communities.

"Our employees are key to our success and internally, we are building a culture that embraces continuous improvement while focusing on the customer," said Mr Gibbons.

Council values all feedback and provides this opportunity for our community through our Online Requests and Feedback page on Council's website