Formal water restrictions to take effect tomorrow morning for Canungra

WATER: Concerns were raised when the water treatment plant went offline Monday until further notice.
WATER: Concerns were raised when the water treatment plant went offline Monday until further notice.

URBAN Utilities and bulk water supplier Seqwater have notified the Canungra community that water restrictions will be introduced from 9am tomorrow.

Canungra is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relies on water from Canungra Creek which SEQwater said dropped suddenly and stopped flowing last weekend.

Seqwater took its Canungra Water Treatment Plant offline on Monday citing low water levels in the creek impacting raw water quality.

SEQwater said in response, all drinking water was being tankered to maintain supply to the town.

This comes after Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull yesterday said demand from the filling station had ballooned in the week prior to the closure, with an average 315 kilolitres being extracted per day.

"This is in comparison with the first week in October when an average 130 kilolitres were delivered through the filling station," she said.

"We believe this was potentially due to the drought and bushfires."

Ms Cull said there had been no water restrictions applied for Canungra before the town started trucking in supplies because there had been no need for them at that stage.

"We did provide voluntary conservation guidelines but things escalated so quickly and now we have a very different situation," she said.

Ms Cull said water restrictions would apply to all residential and non-residential properties connected to the town supply.

"We're urging everyone to save water in any way they can including limiting outdoor water use," she said.

"We're asking people to adhere to the water restrictions as a minimum and we appreciate the efforts of people in the community who are already doing more than this."

As Seqwater's water treatment plant is offline, Urban Utilities has had to close its tanker filling station in Canungra until further notice.

"While Seqwater's tankering is maintaining water supply for the town, there is not enough to service the demand at the Canungra tanker filling station," Ms Cull said.

"We sincerely apologise for being unable to provide advance notice of the closure due to the quickly evolving circumstances."

Ms Cull said customers were advised to fill up at alternative filling stations, with the closest one located at 109 Helen Street, Beaudesert.

To provide some relief for customers impacted by the closure of the filling station at Canungra, Urban Utilities has set up a temporary filling point in town.

"We recognise residents were not able to prepare for the closure of the tanker filling station, so we have put this in place as a short-term supply option while residents put long-term supply options in place," Ms Cull said.

"The temporary filling point is for people not connected to the water supply network and is for residential customers only, not commercial operators."

Ms Cull said the tanker was set up on Coburg Road (near the off-leash dog park) and would be in operation from 8am until 6pm every day for the next couple of weeks.

There is also a filling station adjacent to 81 Yarrimbah Drive, Nerang for commercial operators that are licenced by the City of Gold Coast.