Urban Utilities sets up temporary water filling station in Canungra

PUDDLE: Beechmont resident Tracey Begg at Canungra Creek, which SEQ water says stopped flowing over the weekend. Photo: Keer Moriarty
PUDDLE: Beechmont resident Tracey Begg at Canungra Creek, which SEQ water says stopped flowing over the weekend. Photo: Keer Moriarty

URBAN Utilities has announced a temporary tanker filling station for customers around Canungra.

The station will charge $4.76 per 1000 litres and the service is for residential customers only.

Urban Utilities spokeswoman Michelle Cull said the move was in response to negative feedback over the sudden closure of the standpipe on Appel Street.

"We understand that some residents are unable to drive to alternative filling stations and that some are upset about the lack of notice," she said.

"We are still encouraging people to use the filling station at Beaudesert if they can but the (Coburg Road) filling station will operate from 8am to 6pm for the next couple of weeks to give people more time to adjust and formulate a long term plan."

Ms Cull said there had been little notice for the closure of the filling station on Monday because the situation had escalated over the weekend.

"SEQwater advised us there was a sudden decline in water levels over the weeekend and the creek stopped flowing," she said.

"By Monday they were concerned about the raw water quality in the creek and had to take the water treatment plant offline, which meant the filling station had to be quickly shut down.

"Supply to the town has been stabilised with about 400 properties and 1000 people still getting a water supply but there is not enough water for the filling station."

Ms Cull said demand from the filling station had ballooned in the week prior to the closure, with an average 315 kilolitres being extracted per day.

"This is in comparison with the first week in October when an average 130 kilolitres were delivered through the filling station," she said.

"We believe this was potentially due to the drought and bushfires."

Ms Cull said there had been no water restrictions applied for Canungra before the town started trucking in supplies because there had been no need for them at that stage.

"We did provide voluntary conservation guidelines but things escalated so quickly and now we have a very different situation," she said.

"Formal water restrictions are now in the process of being finalised."

Ms Cull said SEQwater had advised that the water treatment plant would remain offline for the foreseeable future.

"They have told us the plant will be offline until it rains and the creek starts flowing again," she said.

Temporary filling station, what you should know:

  • The filling station is on Coburg Road, Canungra (near the off leash dog park)
  • The tanker will be in place from 3pm to 6pm today (Wed 27 November), and from 8am to 6pm everyday over the next couple of weeks.
  • Residents will be able to fill up a container up to 1000 litres.
  • Water will be $4.76 per 1000 litres and this is consistent with the price of water at all our tanker filling stations.
  • Customers will be able to pay via Eftpos via Debit or Credit Card only.
  • Containers will be filled with a hose from the tanker so residents only need to bring their container.
  • This tanker filling station is for residential customers only, NOT commercial operators.