Annaleise Christou misses out on podium finish, but bags fifth place at Queensland titles

Annaleise Christou finished fifth in the Queensland titles. Photo: LUXBMX
Annaleise Christou finished fifth in the Queensland titles. Photo: LUXBMX

BEAUDESERT BMX rider Annaleise Christou pedalled her way to a fifth place finish in the Queensland titles, but a bad start in the final cost her a dream podium finish.

Annaleise got away slowly in the final, and was second last in the eight-rider field early on in the one-lap final.

She finished four places behind world no.4 Isabella Schramm.

Annaleise, 14, said that while she missed out on the top three, fifth place wasn't a bad result.

"I was striving to get a podium finish but just couldn't get there," she said.

"But I'm happy with fifth place in Queensland."

Annaleise,14, said if things had gone differently, she would have completed her goal.

"I believe I had a podium finish in me, but I chose the wrong lane on the gate and got a horrible start," she said.

The titles, which were at Sarina, near Mackay, consisted of four qualifiers, or motos, and then finals.

Eight riders start each race, and there isn't much room for error, with races finished in 38-42 seconds.

She's a fast rise in the sport. Annaleise took up BMX racing three years ago.

The McAuley College student trains at the track on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thursdays are spent in the gym, and she trains at home on Fridays and Sundays.

"On Saturdays, some clubs have races, so I might go to them," she said.

Tuesdays are spent doing schoolwork, but in the lead-up to a major event, she will hit the gym on that day, too.

It is all part of Annaleise's Olympic dream.

"It has always been my dream to make it to the Olympics and represent my country," she said.

"To do Australia proud would be amazing. I look up to many and aspire to ride and be like them when I grow up.

If she doesn't make the Olympics, Annaleise still plans to make a career out of riding.

"I have always wanted to be a physiotherapist and BMX coach," she said.

There are plenty of things which she enjoys about the sport.

"It is a sport to challenge yourself and show that you can do anything you put your mind to," she said.

You don't have to ride competitively to enjoy it.

"You can ride just for fun and still get the same experience as any other rider, competitive or not.," Annaleise said.