Beaudesert Girl Guides mark 100 years by hosting annual Moogerah Awards

BEAUDESERT Girl Guides hosted the Moogerah Region Awards Day on Saturday with more than a 100 members and their leaders attending a ceremony at the Beaudesert Guides Hut.

The event was attended by Girl Guides regional manager Karen Stokes and assistant state commissioner Amanda Nicholls as well as Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause.

The event began with the raising of the Girl Guides colours and laying a wreath of roses in memory of former Beaudesert guide Norma Crooks

Ms Crooks joined the Girl Guides in 1952 and died at the age of 13 the following year in Teviot Creek while trying to save her six-year-old brother from drowning.

The Moogerah region is made up of eight districts and Girl guides from Beaudesert, Boonah, North Ipswich, Blackstone and Amberley received certificates for bronze endeavour, silver endeavour.

Eight guides including Daniella Groom and Aashaylee Paulson from Beaudesert and Jaiden Gillet, Stephanie Gnech and Molly Watkins from Boonah received Baden Powell awards.

The BP Award was named for Scouts and Guides founder Robert Baden-Powell and involved a series of challenges, which took at least 18 months to complete.

Leaders Annette Thorpe from North Ipswich Guides and Markeeta Luke from Beaudesert Guides were awarded their district manager qualifications on the day, while nine leaders, including Beaudesert's Alison Groom, Amy Pratt and Markeeta Luke received years of service awards.

This came after the Beaudesert Girl Guides group was forced to close its hut in 2017 due to lack of support after more than 70 years service to the community.

At its lowest point the group had only two members but the community rallied and the hut reopened in 2018 with new members and leaders.

Unit leader Belinda Geissler said the group had gone from strength to strength in the past year, with 28 members, three unit leaders, a district manager and a unit helper.

"From being mothballed we now have a strong team and we are getting more recognition from the community in Beaudesert," she said.

"Girl Guides is not just about cooking and sewing, it's about lifeskills, leadership and outdoor learning doing things like camping, hiking and ropes.

"It's empowering for girls."

Also present were Dot Hyland and Maureen Hanson who were both in the Beaudesert Girl Guides during the 1950s.

"We were Brownie leaders back when the meetings were held at the Anglican church," Mrs Hyland said.

"Then we were at the Showgrounds before they moved this hut from there to Jane Street in April 1976."

Gwen Pocock, who joined the Boonah Girl Guides in the 1940s was happy to watch the awards ceremony and enjoy a piece of 100th birthday cake, happily posing with youngest Boonah guide Stephanie Gnech.

To find out more about Beaudesert Girl Guides, email or pop into the Girl Guides hut on Jane street from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Fridays.