Motorbike smashes through window of Shell diner at Aratula

POLICE and ambulance were called to a traffic crash at the Shell Aratula about 8.40pm on Thursday.

They arrived to find a motorcycle had crashed through the glass windows into the dining area.

The male rider was taken to Ipswich Hospital with a laceration on his left leg.

Police said it was lucky that no one was seated in the dining area at the time of the crash.

A 33 year old Maroon man was issued with a several infringement notices after police saw him spin his rear tyres when turning from Railway Street into Yeates Avenue about 6.15pm on Thursday.

The driver sped off and police found the vehicle parked in the IGA carpark.

The man was found a short distance away from the vehicle and he was fined for wilfully make noise and smoke and his registration plates were confiscated for 90 days.