See police drone footage of the Binna Burra fire zone yesterday

DESTRUCTION: Binna Burra Lodge as seen from above. Photo: SRRC
DESTRUCTION: Binna Burra Lodge as seen from above. Photo: SRRC

DRONE footage released by Queensland Police could prove confronting for Scenic Rim residents who say they could not imagine the region without the existence of Binna Burra Lodge.

When the fire that started in Sarabah got out of control at the weekend it forced local residents to leave their homes and management at Binna Burra Lodge to evacuate guests and staff members from the resort.

QPS Chief Superintendent Ben Marcus said today that drone footage had been shown to people whose homes had been destroyed and had been unable to return to the area to survey the damage.

"That was quite emotional for the families for the first time to see what they are dealing with," he said.

"But the community here is incredibly strong, incredibly close and... we remain at no loss of life and no serious injuries, which is absolutely remarkable."

Superintendent Marcus said most people were being pragmatic about the situation and trying to get on with their lives.

"It's a beautiful community and close knit," he said.

"Someone yesterday mentioned the term 'survivor guilt'.

"There's an element of providence around this, some houses are completely destroyed next to others that are virtually untouched."

Superintendent Marcus said the road to Binna Burra would remain closed, as would some minor roads TMR deemed potentially unsafe.

He said officers from Taskforce Overcross would continue to investigate the cause of the initial fire which started at Sarabah last week.