See photos from Boonah's World Environment Day Festival 2019

SUSTAINABLE housing, worm farming and renewable energy were some of the topics on the agenda for visitors to the Boonah Organisation for a Sustainable Shire's World Environment Day Festival on Saturday.

The festival, held at The Outlook, saw visitors learning how to cut down on their waste, with the event aiming to be single use plastic-free.

Food was provided on china plates with real cutlery, which festival-goers cleaned by hand at a pre-wash steam punk wash station.

Eco-artists showcased creative ways of transforming trash into treasure, with creative upcycled projects including jewellery, baskets and bunting made from things like cutlery and grain bags.

Chris Trotter - one of the artists behind Boonah's Blumbergville town clock - displayed his creation Vomitor, made from scrap metal and found objects.

RECYCLED: Chris Trotter with Vomitor.

RECYCLED: Chris Trotter with Vomitor.

Visitors learned about sustainable housing and renewable energy from environmental advocate Jan McNicol, while displays covered topics like composting, worm farming and permaculture.

As well as reusable and environmentally-friendly substitutes for everyday items - including beeswax wraps, metal straws, keep cups, solar lights and natural soaps - festival-goers could take home a free tree courtesy of Scenic Rim Regional Council or a bag of alpaca poo for the garden.

A BOSS spokesperson said the global theme for World Environment Day 2019 was air pollution, which focussed on encouraging governments, communities and individuals to explore renewable energies and green technologies to improve air quality across the world.

"By celebrating World Environment Day, we remind ourselves and others of the importance of caring for our environment," the spokesperson said.