Youngcare to share stories of youth in aged care

RESTRICTED: Housing options are limited for young people with high care needs.

RESTRICTED: Housing options are limited for young people with high care needs.

IN A bid to keep young people with disabilities out of inappropriate housing, Youngcare is helping Scenic Rim residents share their experiences with the Royal Commission into Aged Care.

A Youngcare spokesperson said more than 6000 young Australians with disability lived in aged care because there was nowhere else for them to go. Another 50 young Australians entered aged care every week.

The spokesperson said by prioritising the issue of young people in aged care, the Royal Commission had signalled that it wanted to find sustainable, systemic solutions that would deliver real change.

Boonah resident Jason Borys told the Beaudesert Times in 2017 there were few housing options for young people with high care needs.

"I have cerebral palsy and quadriplegia, so all four limbs are severely affected," he said.

"I needed a specialised wheelchair was going to cost at least $20,000.

"Before I got the new chair, my mum was providing 100 per cent of my care and eventually that would have had to change, even though she wasn't complaining, because it wouldn't have been fair on her.

"There are very limited housing options for someone in my situation so without Youngcare I could easily have ended up in a nursing home."

Mr Borys said he was happy to be able to stay at home, continue his studies at university and hang out with friends.

In another case, young father Michael was forced to move into an aged care home.

"At first, he was in a room that was close to the entrance," wife Lauren said.

"It was okay because he could people watch, but of course not ideal.

"After a short amount of time they had to move him to the back room. There was nothing to look at back there (and) he was surrounded by people more than twice his age."

Youngcare will help residents who have been forced to reside in aged care, been at risk of entering aged care due to their disability, had to put their loved ones with a disability into aged care or worked in the aged care industry to share their experiences with the commission.

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