Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause angered at Ag minister's presence at Eat Local event

HARVEST: Agriculture minister Mark Furner with Vicki and Troy Muller and Mayor Greg Christensen. Photo: Larraine Sathicq
HARVEST: Agriculture minister Mark Furner with Vicki and Troy Muller and Mayor Greg Christensen. Photo: Larraine Sathicq

SCENIC Rim MP Jon Krause has lashed out at Agriculture Minister Mark Furner for attending an Eat Local signature event, saying that Labor "turned their back" after October's devastating hailstorm.

Mr Furner hit back saying it was disappointing that Mr Krause had politicised the minister's attendance at Saturday's Winter Harvest Festival.

Mr Furner said he had accepted Scenic Rim mayor Greg Christensen's invitation to the event, joining thousands of locals and visitors to enjoy local food and celebrate Scenic Rim producers.

Mr Krause said he loved the community and hardworking men, women and families from local businesses.

"That's why I get so angry when Queensland Labor ministers take advantage of our friendly nature and generous hospitality while doing us over time and again with bad policy and no genuine investment in our community," he said.

"I will never forget - and nor should locals - that Labor turned their back on us in October last year when a massive hailstorm cut a path of destruction through the Fassifern.

"The gall of Mark Furner to come to our community, nine months late, as Labor heaps more onto the rural sector is absolutely disgusting.

"Just two weeks ago, Labor announced that subsidies for freight for drought declared farmers will be cut in the future. I bet he wasn't telling people about that on Saturday."

Mr Furner said that he was delighted to accept Cr Christensen's invitation to represent the premier at the event.

"As agricultural minister I attend many communities and events associated with my portfolio throughout the state, and thoroughly enjoy attending," he said.

"The Winter Harvest Festival was no exception.

"What surprises me is the member's lack of intestinal fortitude to raise any issues with me on Saturday but demonstrates his immaturity and lack of integrity later in media commentary.

"Queenslanders are sick and tired of elected representatives acting as children rather than professional adults these days."

Mr Krause fired back saying locals were paying dearly for Labor's "failures".

"This Labor minister is just like the entire Queensland Labor government - always showing up if there's a picture to be taken, but completely missing-in-action when it comes to showing real, substantial support for our community and especially the farmers and other businesses that keep our local economy going," he said.

"While vegan activists get off scot-free and protesters glue themselves to Brisbane streets without any deterrent, I know local farmers who have been fined thousands for not having the paperwork right on their chemical register. Where is the minister for Agriculture in going into bat for these people?"

Mr Furner said he was fortunate to meet many locals at the event.

"I congratulate the organisers and the community on the calibre of this event, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors and more than $2 million in economic activity," Mr Furner said.