Wright MP has been named Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport

ROAD SAFETY: Scott Morrison handed the Wright MP a more specific responsibility in his cabinet.
ROAD SAFETY: Scott Morrison handed the Wright MP a more specific responsibility in his cabinet.

WHEN Scott Morrison announced his cabinet at the weekend, Wright MP Scott Buchholz was given a new role in government.

The assistant minister for roads and transport Scott Buchholz will be sworn in this week with a more specific title as road safety and freight transport assistant minister.

Mr Buchholz said he was looking forward to taking on the responsibility that comes with the job.

"The change in my ministerial title reflects the importance of these two areas to our government and I am honoured the Prime Minister has given me responsibility for them," he said.

"It puts a sharp focus on road safety and freight transport, which go hand in hand.

"The Morrison government is committed to the national road safety strategy and implementing the findings of the road safety inquiry released in September last year."

Mr Buchholz said freight transport was important in Beaudesert and all other areas of Australia.

"Every product that arrives into cities, towns and suburbs across Australia comes via a road transport network," he said.

"Everything we buy in the shops of Beaudesert, from groceries to fuel, arrives on the back of a truck, big and small.

"Each and every product, somewhere in its value includes a transport component."

Mr Buchholz said it would be his job to provide a framework and the infrastructure to make sure the people delivering these products could do so safely and at the lowest price to stay globally competitive.

"Freight transport is a rapidly growing industry of significant importance to the Australian economy," he said.

"It's vital that it is properly managed in consultation with the industry to ensure the safety of heavy vehicle drivers and other road users.

"I established a good rapport with the industry during my time as assistant minister for roads and transport and I look forward to building on those relationships in my new role."