Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Time for change

I am so disappointed in the current leadership of this, the lucky country.

Most of us have faith in our country and our liberal democratic system but feel that it has just become a plaything for personal ambition and political games.

Many problems that need to be fixed that can be fixed like climate change, energy reliability and pricing, aged care, ageing infrastructure, stagnant wages and the rising cost of inequality aren't being fixed.

Nor are we dealing with or reaping the rewards of the rapid changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this most important of elections what is this nation's leadership giving us? Solutions? Plans for our future?

No, all we are getting is nasty, deceitful and negative messages.

It's yet another reminder that our politicians are serving their parties and their own interests not YOURS.

Australians can rightly be proud of often being ahead of the game but now we're slipping behind, our future is marking time.

This has to change.

As Australians we think our character is expressed by straight talking, common sense, integrity, generosity, humility and a strong belief in equality but these values have been forgotten or cast aside by our current crop of politicians.

Our future rests on our ability to find the best of all of our people to shape that future and that's why, whatever our weariness with 'politics', that your vote is so important.

With your help we can get things done and move Australia forward.

- P. Larcombe, Independent Queensland Senate candidate.

Flood plains are for floods

Flood plains are created by floods.

People should be free to build houses beside picturesque rivers but they must put up with the occasional flood.

Community groups will always help those stricken by floods but taxpayers and other insurers should not be forced to subsidise the insurance and flood damage costs for those who choose to live on flood plains.

Sensible people build on the hills and leave the flood plains for floods, farms, trees, market gardens and grass.

Rational town planning would require sellers and developers to provide accurate flood maps to buyers and councils should paint flood levels on power poles.

Essential infrastructure should not be built on flood plains.

And rather than wasting billions on trying to change the global climate, governments should spend those billions on weather-proofing railways, bridges, roads and electricity supply.

- V. Forbes, Washpool

Looking for an old friend

I'm trying to find Roseann Egan who I worked with in the UK many years ago.

Facebook cannot help me so I hope you can.

She had many siblings so I'm sure some are still in Beaudesert.

- K. Todd, Adelaide

Candidates pitch Wright voters

Anyone who thinks inland rail is good for Wright does not get my vote.

Anyone who never comes near many areas of Wright, and there are a few of them, do not get my vote. Anyone who does not answer correspondence does not get my vote. Anyone who is not seen at an ARTC CCC does not get my vote.

There are too many self centred candidates who are interested only in the party line.

Crikey, only a couple are left.

- L. Robinson, via Facebook

(MP Scott Buchholz and PM Scott Morrison) are just like two bloated peas in a pod, one as deluded as the other. Vote independent for an actual voice in Parliament.

- Anne Marie, via Facebook