Independent candidate Innes Larkin to live stream Q and A from mountain top

LIVE STREAM: Independent candidate for Wright Innes Larkin has planned a novel way to connect with voters.

LIVE STREAM: Independent candidate for Wright Innes Larkin has planned a novel way to connect with voters.

INDEPENDENT candidate for Wright Innes Larkin wants to connect with voters by holding a live Q and A session from the summit of Mount Barney on Friday.

Mr Larkin said he would be taking submitted questions and comments from the community on the 1354m high summit of Mount Barney, and responding via a live-steam Facebook event.

"I have had hundreds of questions from concerned people already and common threads include the Inland Rail, energy and preferences," he said.

"People want to understand where my preferences will go and also where I stand on climate change.

"The forum is an opportunity for people to have their questions answered and also an opportunity for me to be visible.

"From that spot on Mount Barney I can physically see almost the entire electorate and I will be answering questions and explaining to people how my principles interact with their concerns."

Mr Larkin said he would like to connect with as many people as possible before the election on May 18.

The professional Scenic Rim mountaineer said Mount Barney was the most popular and hardest mountain to climb as the guided hike can take up to 12 hours to ascend the 1.1 kilometre vertical climb.

He drew a comparison between politics and the time spent guiding people up and down Mount Barney, staying focused on their needs and aware of the environment.

"Politics is similar to my job as a mountain guide'" Mr Larkin said.

"There is a great deal of trust in my abilities.

"It is about focusing on the needs of the individual person, and at the same time taking into account all the other factors that are going on that my client may or may not be aware of.

"In a similar way, with politics it is about focusing on the individual needs within the electorate, and at the same time representing their views on known, unknown and emerging Australian issues, and making good decisions.

"The community can trust me to represent their concerns, and to act with integrity and fairness at all times."

The Facebook live event will take place on April 26 from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Questions or issues can be sent in advance to:

Facebook Messenger private message @inneslarkin, via text to 0418124981 or Instagram private message @inneslarkin

Mr Larkin said if there were too many questions to answer within the scheduled time, additional questions would be answered on Facebook @innesforwright after the live broadcast.