Energy minister Angus Taylor tours Scenic Rim meat processing plant

ENERGY: AJ Bush's David Kassulke with Angus Taylor, Scott Buchholz and Sean Boyers.
ENERGY: AJ Bush's David Kassulke with Angus Taylor, Scott Buchholz and Sean Boyers.

ENERGY Minister Angus Taylor visited the Scenic Rim on Tuesday for a tour of AJ Bush with LNP MP Scott Buchholz.

Mr Buchholz said the meat processing plant at Josephville was one of many local businesses in Wright that would be in the firing line of Labor's hit on industry through its 45 per cent emissions reduction target.

Mr Taylor said the target would cost jobs and damage the economy.

"AJ Bush and Sons is a well-established and successful local business employing hundreds of people and contributing to the region's economy, but (Opposition leader) Bill Shorten wants to hit them with a big new carbon tax," he said.

"Like many of Bill Shorten's policy announcements on energy and climate change, there's no detail on how he plans to achieve his targets, but we do know who'll pay the price.

"Labor's economy wrecking targets will cost around 336,000 jobs across the country and cut wages by $9000 a year," Mr Taylor said.

Labor was contacted for comment but did not respond.

Independent Wright candidate Innes Larkin weighed in, saying AJ Bush had reduced carbon emissions since 2012 thanks to a government grant.

"In 2012 AJ Bush attracted a grant of $6.4 million from Labor to improve the efficiency of its boilers, and generate its own biogas through capture of emissions on its aeration ponds... they reduced their carbon emissions by 64 per cent and reduced their energy costs by 46 per cent.

"Of the businesses in the Wright electorate with a high carbon footprint, AJ Bush is best prepared for the economic transitions to a low carbon future."

Mr Larkin said that under the coalition, carbon emissions and energy prices had grown.

"Wouldn't it be nice if Mr Buchholz stopped pointing the finger at everyone else and started working in Parliament for solutions that allow businesses to grow, but reduce emissions and reduce costs?" he said.

"I know as a small business owner myself that in the last six years, cost of energy has gone through the roof, and programs to help you transition to renewable have been slashed and defunded, leaving businesses like Mount Barney Lodge to fund solar and battery improvements entirely with their own capital."

Mr Buchholz said AJ Bush should be receiving government support to create jobs.