Boonah police investigate fuel thefts at Aratula and Tarome

POLICE are investigating the theft of a quantity of fuel from a council vehicle between April 10 and 11.

About 180 litres of diesel fuel was stolen from the vehicle, which had been left parked overnight on Elizabeth Street, Aratula.

Investigations are also underway into the theft of further diesel fuel from farm equipment at Moffatt Fresh Produce at Tarome Road, Tarome between March 11 and April 11.

Police said during this period fuel was stolen from the farm machinery totalling almost 570 litres of diesel. 

Another incident of fuel theft occurred on Wednesday night with about 250 litres of diesel being taken from a prime mover parked on the Cunningham Highway at Aratula.

Anyone with information is asked to contact either Boonah Police or Crimestoppers.