Tamrookum students uphold tradition with an Easter hat parade

STUDENTS at Tamrookum State School went above and beyond at their Easter hat parade this morning.

Proudly wearing some very creative examples of hand made festive headgear complete with chocolate eggs and bunny ears, the students continued the tradition upheld in most Australian primary schools.

Traditionally the Easter parade celebrated the end of Lent and the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere but was adopted as part of the school calendar here, even though Easter heralds the start of the colder months.

For Australian students it also marks the end of first term and the start of the first school holiday since the Christmas break.

At Tamrookum the children were excited to take part in the parade as parents and friends clapped and cheered them on. 

While many schools only invite the youngest students to their Easter parades - and at least one school in NSW banned the word "Easter" altogether for their annual hat parade, Tamrookum State School showed that not only were they proud to uphold the tradition but also to include students of all ages and the entire school community.