Temperature record smashed twice at Beaudesert

STIFLING: The record for the hottest ever March day at Beaudesert fell twice this week.
STIFLING: The record for the hottest ever March day at Beaudesert fell twice this week.

The record for the hottest ever March temperature at Beaudesert was smashed twice this week as residents sweated through a blistering Autumn heatwave.

The mark was first broken on Monday, with the mercury rising to 37.9 degrees, exceeding the previous record of 36.7 degrees which was set on March 5 in 2015.

Within 24 hours, the record had been obliterated again, as the temperature reached a scorching 40.2 degrees at 2.09pm on Tuesday to raise the figure by a remarkable 2.3 degrees.

In two days, the record increased by an astonishing 3.5 degrees as Beaudesert baked.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the heatwave was being caused by an inland surface trough which was dragging warm air to the coast, while an upper ridge also prevented new air masses from moving into the region.

The double whammy has seen the south-east cook as the warm air lingers around the region.

Records tumbled around the state, with new March maximums set at Kingaroy (37.7 degrees), Amberley (41.3 degrees), Archerfield (40.2 degrees), Gatton (41.1 degrees), Barcaldine (42.5 degrees) and Emerald (41.7 degrees).

At Kingaroy the mark jumped by 0.3 degrees.

Amberley saw an increase of 1.4 degrees.

Archerfield's record was raised by 1.5 degrees, Barcaldine's lifted by 0.3 degrees and Emerald residents experienced conditions 0.9 degrees hotter than ever before.

The Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said just like Beaudesert, Gatton saw the record broken twice in the space of two days.

He said Gatton's previous record of 39.5 degrees set in March 1998 was surpassed on Monday when the temperature soared to 40 degrees.

That figure was then exceeded on Tuesday by a significant 1.1 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the bureau had been keeping records since 1887, and many of the previous highest ever March maximum temperatures were set in 1998 and 2007 during periods of el nino which were accompanied by hot and dry conditions.

He said there was currently a 50 per cent chance of an El Nino period developing this Autumn and Winter which could explain the dramatic increases to the hottest ever March temperatures.

"We are currently on El Nino watch alert," he said.

He said periods of El Nino occurred about five years apart and typically lasted roughly a year.

Slightly cooler temperatures are on the way, with south-easterly winds expected to gradually cool the region leading into the weekend.

The temperature is predicted to hit 36 degrees today, 34 degrees on Thursday and 33 degrees on Friday.

Close to average temperatures of a comfortable 29 degrees are forecast to return by the weekend.

Scenic Rim and Logan residents are reminded that a total fire ban is in place.