Scenic Rim dairy farmers join Coles protest in Brisbane

Update: 12.30pm

DAIRY farmers today voiced their frustration with Coles supermarket's failure to follow Woolworths in permanently raising the price of home brand milk by 10 cents a litre.

COLES: Protesters have rallied to voice their disgust at Coles' refusal to increase prices on home brand milk.

COLES: Protesters have rallied to voice their disgust at Coles' refusal to increase prices on home brand milk.

Among the protesters were Beaudesert dairy farmers Mark and Colleen Platell. Mr Platell said the drive to Brisbane was worth it to make a point.

"We had a good roll up, no problems," he said.

"We wanted to draw attention to Coles not playing the game - Woolworths has done the right thing by raising their milk prices and we were trying to get Coles to do the same."

Mr Platell said the group of about 30 people, mainly dairy farmers, walked through the Coles store in Coorparoo without any objection from staff.

"We marched in, had a bit of a chant in front of the milk fridges and then left. It was all over in about three minutes and we didn't upset their business at all."

Previously, 11.15am

Scenic Rim dairy farmers are among those taking part in a protest rally at Coles' Coorparoo store.

Protesters assembled on Old Cleveland Road earlier today and are now headed for the Coles car park, hoping for a peaceful protest without backlash from the supermarket giant.

Previously, 8am

SEVERAL Scenic Rim dairy farmers will join a protest rally in the Coles car park at Coorparoo this morning, taking time off work to drive to Brisbane and stand with farmers from the Darling Downs, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast region against Coles' ongoing refusal to remove the baseline cap of $1 on its private label milk.

A QDO spokeswoman said Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation was working with the Australian Dairyfarmers Federation and other state dairy bodies to develop a strategic campaign to end $1 milk.

"Two weeks ago, Woolworths announced an end of $1 milk across all its stores," she said. 

"Coles' only announcement to date is that they'd be potentially willing to end $1 milk if all retailers did so.

"Given its market share, we believe this to be a less than satisfactory response from the second largest supermarket chain in Australia.

"This morning our farmers intend to make a stand and call on shoppers to ditch Coles and its $1 milk, in favour of Woolworths who have taken the leadership position in support of a sustainable dairy industry.

"Over two weeks ago, Coles' major rival in the fight for supermarket supremacy, Woolworths, announced that it would no longer sell $1 milk in any of its stores," she said.

"On the other hand, Coles continues to hide behind the remaining smaller retailers like Aldi and IGA stating in its latest press release on the subject that it would consider removing $1 milk only if all other retailers did."

Supporters are invited to join the protest at 11.15am at 252 Old Cleveland Road.