Jon Krause says Laravale Mt Lindesay Highway repairs will start sooner

FIX IT: This stretch of the Mount Lindesay Highway is described as an accident waiting to happen.

FIX IT: This stretch of the Mount Lindesay Highway is described as an accident waiting to happen.

STATE Member for Scenic Rim, Jon Krause says lobbying and media attention has seen works brought forward to fix Laravale’s atrocious section of the Mount Lindesay Highway.

Mr Krause said the works were now due to be done in the next financial year starting July 1 after a meeting he had with TMR during which he made it very clear how residents felt about the lengthy time frame scheduled to fix the extremely dangerous road, and also argued for more sections to be included in the 2019-20 works.

He said he had lobbied for repair works to be scheduled on the Mount Lindesay Highway south of Beaudesert for quite some time, which resulted in Main Roads writing to him about works scheduled for the 2020-21 and 2022-23 financial years.

“I have since been advised verbally by the regional director of TMR's south coast region that works to fix the atrocious condition of the Mount Lindesay Highway north of Christmas Creek Road have been re-scheduled to commence in the 2019/20 financial year.”

However a spokeswoman for Main Roads could not provide confirmation of this and said there were no firm starting times scheduled.

"The works on the Mount Lindesay Highway at Laravale refer to the proposed rehabilitation works north of Christmas Creek Road," the spokeswoman said.

"No construction timelines have been decided as delivery of these works is subject to final funding allocations for the 2019/2020 financial year."


Mr Krause said he had received verbal assurances that the work would be brought forward and had double-checked the decision.

“Honestly, it’s like pulling teeth getting a straight answer from this minister’s department sometimes," he said.

"I went to a meeting to discuss the Mount Lindesay, with two of the minister’s staffers present with the regional director, and was told that these works would be in 2019-20.

"I confirmed with a phone call just to be sure and was assured it would happen.

"I hope they finalise the funding arrangements soon and get underway because this work is urgent.”

Mr Krause said that despite his efforts to bring the works forward, much more still needed to be done by the state government to improve the condition of the road for all users.

“I am fighting for a fair share for our roads and for the government to improve this road, but Labor doesn’t even recognise the severity of the problem," he said.

“The original works were scheduled to commence from July 2020 and continue with more in 2022 – three and a half years away." 

“I’m glad these initial works have been brought forward to improve safety, but more needs to be done."