Qld floods: Onboard a chopper as the army goes about fodder drops to isolated farms

A spectacular series of photos has emerged of the army doing difficult and dangerous fodder drops to properties affected by the North West Queensland floods.

Gary Baker from Baker Photographics, Cloncurry took the photographs last week when he accompanied the ADF out of Cloncurry on board an MRH90 helicopter, conducting fodder drops to isolated properties north of Cloncurry.

The army were there as part of the massive relief effort to assist the remaining cattle herd in the North West.

“The flight on Wednesday morning conducted fodder pickups from Canobie Station and drop offs to Numil Downs, which is completely isolated from floodwaters,” Mr Baker said.

“The extraordinary skills and dedication of the ADF personnel in this operation cannot be overstated.”

Mr Baker thanked Major Ward of the Australian Army for allowing his participation on one of the numerous flights they are conducting in the area.

The photos show army personnel dangling from the chopper as they harness 750kg of fodder to Canobie Station, then head to Numil Downs to deliver more fodder where the Saxby, Flinders and Cloncurry Rivers have all become one body of water.

Canobie Station is 200km north of Cloncurry and 280km south of Normanton. AA Co own the property which is a breeding station running predominantly Brahman cattle. The Cloncurry River runs through the property.

Numil Downs is a privately-owned station north of Julia Creek on the Saxby River.