Scenic Rim SES sends team of volunteers to Townsville

The Scenic Rim SES has sent 13 volunteers to Townsville to help the city’s people get back on their feet.

The team left on Monday and will remain in the northern capital for five days assisting with the massive clean-up following the Townsville floods.

Scenic Rim personnel will offer some relief to local emergency services and perform tasks like washing out and cleaning up homes, chainsawing, repairing roofs and educating the community.

They will not only provide physical aid to those on the ground but they will also offer emotional support to affected communities.

Scenic Rim SES media officer Sharee Sanderson said the crew was selflessly volunteering its time. 

“They have families, work and other commitments,” she said.

“Some have taken unpaid time off work.

“Some are using their own annual leave, so they can assist in the clean-up.

“These people, along with all other emergency service personnel are doing amazing work and constantly inspiring those around them.

“We wish them a safe and successful deployment and look forward to their return.”

You can follow their journey on the Scenic Rim SES Facebook page.