Energex release photos of staff mauled in dog attacks

PHOTOS of staff mauled by dogs have been released by Energex ahead of the company’s move to not allow workers on sites with unrestrained canines.

Energex spokesman Rob Mitchell said crew would not enter yards from Monday where one or more dogs were not securely restrained.

The safety measure was to stop staff from being attacked, he said.

“The safety of our employees has to come first and that means if there’s an unrestrained dog on a property, we won’t go in to do work of any kind,” he said.

Mr Mitchell said 70 dog bite injuries and 200 other dog-related incidents were logged across Queensland by Energex and Ergon staff between July 2017 and October last year.

About 25 attacks were recorded in Brisbane district, which included the Redlands.

Energex already asks customers to restrain dogs during visits but the measure is being beefed up.

The safe entry requirement means staff cannot make judgement calls about whether unrestrained dogs were harmless or not.

Mr Mitchell said the measure would apply to all urban and rural properties.

He said Energex would help customers to know what options were available. Information explaining how to do a self-read would be left at homes found to have no one there.

“Energex will work with our customers and communities to make the new safety measures work so we have a good outcome for our people and our customers,” Mr Mitchell said.

For more information, visit energex.com.au.

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