Beaudesert Rifle Club firing up in 2019

Beaudesert Rifle Club’s 240 members are getting geared up for a huge year of shooting in 2019.

The regular calendar is set to commence on January 19 with the Rimfire on Saturday at 1pm and the BRC Shotgun on Sunday morning at 8, with the Fullbore to follow at 11am.

Thereafter weekly competitions over ranges from 300-600 yards will be held across various disciplines, including Fullbore Target Rifle, Fullbore F Standard, Fullbore F Open, Field and Rimfire and Shotgun Skeet.

Shooting takes place on Sundays. The Rim fire and Shotgun start at 8am on alternate weeks and the Fullbore is held at 11am every Sunday.

The family-focused club currently boasts members of all ages and genders shooting in all disciplines with the oldest on the range 93-year-old Ed Moss. 

In January when the purchase is finalised, it will become the first club of its kind in south-east Queensland to own the land on which its range is situated at Spengler Road, Tabragalbra.

Founded in 1903 near the Beaudesert Golf Club, it is rich in history but according to president Mike Samuels it is the club’s emphasis on fostering a family culture and willingness to be progressive in its use of technology that has seen it grow from 20 members in 2009 to 240 today.

“All clubs have peaks and troughs but over the last four of five years our growth has been phenomenal,” he said.

“We started doing things a bit differently and the numbers have swelled.

“Of those 240 members, 50 per cent are families.”

Samuels said the club was using a quality Australian-made and designed Oz Score electronic targeting system and had stepped into the digital age by streaming video of competitions in real time online via the links at

He said this allowed for greater spectator accessibility, as well as later analysis of technique and performance by competitors.

“Using that technology has given us an edge in attracting competitors,” Samuels said.

“I use it on a regular basis for analysis.”

Australian representative Samuels said the beauty of shooting as a sport was the competitor faced him or herself as much as any rival.

“It’s not a sport that you have to be super fit to do,” he said.

“But there is a lot of mental mathematics involved.

“It teaches you about cause and effect and how to use your mind to compete.

“It’s not as simple as just squeezing the trigger.

“You learn to account for windage, elevation, temperature and other variables over time.”

Samuels said shooting could also take athletes all the way to the Commonwealth Games.

He said shooters of all abilities were members, including several Australian representatives with experienced riflemen teaching beginners as part of the club’s free coaching program.

“Shooters just pay their range fees and buy ammunition,” he said.

If you would like to try shooting or take a look at the action, phone 0417 784 543 a day in advance and the club can provide a rifle and free instruction with ammunition supplied at a charge.

All people from 11 years of age can give it a go (under supervision). 

Holiday shooting is on offer at the range on January 6 from 9.30am (Fullbore casual shoot 600 yards) and January 13 from 9.30am (Fullbore casual shoot).

Disciplines on offer

Fullbore target rifle – .308 or .223 Cal fired from the prone position using peep sights. Fullbore shooting is a Commonwealth Games event.

Fullbore F Standard  &  F/TR – .308 or .223 Cal fired from the prone position using telescopic sights and utilising a fore rest and rear rest for the rifle.

Fullbore F Open – any calibre up to 8mm fired from the prone position using telescopic sights and utilising a fore rest and rear rest for the rifle.

Field and Rimfire – .22 Cal long rifle or .22 cal Magnum. Telescopic sight and bipod maybe used. Field class is shot from the prone position and target rifle rimfire from either Prone, Kneeling/Sitting and Standing. This conducted fortnightly. Contact Darrel on 0477 477 006.

Shotgun – Skeet (Clay pigeon) shooting which is also conducted fortnightly. Contact Ed on 0414 681 242 or 55446641

Standard shooting rules apply.