Road toll rises on day five of the Queensland Police Christmas road safety campaign

THE first five days of Queensland Police's Christmas road safety campaign phase two saw more than 19,000 speeding motorists and two fatal accidents on Queensland roads.

DRIVE SAFE: Police are targeting the fatal five during the road safety campaign.

DRIVE SAFE: Police are targeting the fatal five during the road safety campaign.

Phase two of the campaign began on December 23, with extra police stationed across Queensland targeting the fatal five road offences: speeding, drink and drug driving, fatigue, distracted driving and failing to wear a seatbelt.

Speed cameras and mobile radars have detected more than 19,000 speeding offenders in the first five days of the campaign, with three incidents of drivers travelling on highways and major roads at more than 40 kilometres over the speed limit.

Speeding fines can range between $174 and $1218, with the average fine standing at $210 according to police statistics. 

If the average fine were applied in each speeding incident, offenders would be required to pay a total of nearly four million dollars.

Police also caught 190 drink drivers and 127 people driving under the influence of drugs in the first five days of phase two.

Day five alone saw two people driving more than four times the legal alcohol limit, with blood alcohol contents of 0.218% and 0.215%. 

Senior Sergeant Steve Graham cautioned drivers to remain careful on the roads during the holiday period, especially on New Year's Eve.

“Make sure you get the appropriate transport like cabs or Ubers, and watch your intoxication levels,” he said.

The fifth day of the campaign also saw a seven-year-old boy die in a crash involving two trucks and a 48-year-old male cyclist die after falling from his bicycle.

Four people have lost their lives since December 23, with a further 107 injuries caused in 91 accidents. 

Police also issued traffic infringement notices to 65 people for using their mobile phones and 88 people for not wearing seatbelts.

Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating urged drivers travelling throughout the state during the holiday period to follow the road rules and drive to conditions.

“We are asking drivers to remember that their actions such as speeding and drink driving can have devastating consequences for themselves, their passengers and other people on the roads,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

Police are also urging drivers to be extra cautious during the holiday period, when there is additional traffic from holidaymakers on the roads.

Phase two of the Christmas road safety campaign will continue until January 3, 2019.

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