Beaudesert unites in grief for Roschanna Snow

SEVERAL Beaudesert businesses closed their doors and the Beaudesert Baptist Church was filled to overflowing yesterday, with mourners spilled onto church grounds as the town mourned the passing of 18-year-old Roschanna Snow.

Roschanna died in a three-car accident on November 26, travelling between her dream job and home.

More than 500 people turned up to farewell the former Beaudesert High School student and offer comfort to her parents Jenni and Ian and her older brothers Lachlan and Brenten.

Roschanna was born on the afternoon of New Year’s Day, 2000 and was the second baby born at Beaudesert hospital on the first day of the millennium.

“As a baby, she was always happy, always smiling,” Ms Snow said.

“When she was little she had a baby doll she carted everywhere with her and unlike her brothers, she was never afraid to speak up.

“The boys would cling to my side but I was forever looking for her, losing her and usually finding her with either a dog or a baby. She loved both and wasn’t shy at all.

“She was a social butterfly all through her childhood and was often the spokesperson for her brothers.”

Ms Snow said her daughter would always be the one to climb fences to retrieve a lost ball and her older brothers would stay in their own yard and wait for her to come back.

“She had her own unique way. She just did her thing and was always her own person,” she said.

“When she started pre-school she was happy-go-lucky but she always worried about what other people were going through.

“By the time she got to high school she was very much there for the social side of things and the sport but she did stick it out and graduated last year.”

Roschanna loved sport, including athletics, swimming and soccer.

“She joined the swimming club when she was about eight-years-old and started soccer when she was nine, playing every season since then,” Ms Snow said.

Ms Snow said Roschanna had a small, tight knit group of friends but always made herself available to comfort or support anyone who had problems.

“With her boyfriend Josh and best friend Ella, they were like the Three Musketeers this past year and they would go off to car shows and just go off to places, the three of them,” she said.

“But she had other people she would talk to on a daily basis if they were going through issues.”

After school Roschanna decided to save up for six months, increasing her hours at the Beaudesert Spar where she had worked since last Easter. 

She then enrolled in a course to gain qualifications in support care for the aged. Ms Snow said she added disability care to her studies this year and quit her job to focus on her goal.

“She was so excited because she had done two weeks’ aged care placement at Harbour Keys on the Gold Coast and the Friday before the accident she had been offered a full time job there,” Ms Snow said.

“It was her dream job and she was so happy.”

People at her funeral agreed that family, friends and the Beaudesert community would forever feel the loss of Roschanna.

Under gloomy skies, Beaudesert Soccer Club members donned club shirts at the end of the service and formed a guard of honour for the funeral procession with pall bearers Ian, Lachlan and Brenten Snow assisted by Joshua Ludwig, Darren Timms and Steven Timms.