Make kindness and gratitude a daily habit

NOVEMBER 13 was World Kindness Day and in case you think you blinked and missed it, nothing special happened at the Scenic Rim.

The Gold Coast made a big deal of it after being named the first World Kindness City at the International Congress of the World Kindness Movement in South Korea last year.

When that happened, many people assumed the Gold Coast had earned the title of the “The World’s Kindest City”.

Here in the Scenic Rim, however, we just went about our daily business and World Kindness Day came and went without much fanfare.

It might be that city dwellers require a yearly reminder to be nice at least once a year but that is not the case in the Scenic Rim, where many would say kindness is largely a daily habit.

Both kindness and gratitude are important attributes and we have both in spades, without having to advertise our efforts or hand out awards on World Kindness Day.

Kindness is more than paying for a stranger’s coffee at the drive-through. It is measured by how we treat strangers, how we treat visitors and how we treat each other. It is often tested in times of crisis and how we conduct ourselves in times of celebration.

In this week’s Beaudesert Times we see how a community can come together, putting in time and effort just to make the town sparkle for Christmas. Even those who do not have small children at home were willing to volunteer by hanging decorations while most of us were enjoying a Saturday sleep-in.

We also have stories this week of the tireless efforts of our firefighters battling bushfires across the region. Many of them work long hours at their regular jobs and remain on call to respond in a crisis. Rural firefighters are all volunteers and they are paid nothing for putting their own lives on the line.

Gratitude is just as important as kindness and even though some days it might seem there’s not much to be thankful for, there is always someone on every street, in every neighbourhood and every town who rightfully deserves a thank you.

Every time a child smiles on seeing the Christmas decorations around town and every time we hear that a fire has been brought under control, we should remember how lucky we are that someone cared enough to put their hand up for a hard task.