Letters to the editor

Lung cancer awareness

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and we are urging people to help raise awareness of the disease, reduce their risk and support those affected.

Lung cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women and is the leading cancer-related cause of death in Queensland.

In the greater Brisbane region alone, 857 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year.

The main symptoms of lung cancer are a dry cough or change in a chronic cough, chest pain or breathlessness, repeated bouts of pneumonia or bronchitis, or coughing or spitting up blood. These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have cancer.

While there are many factors that can contribute to lung cancer, we do know that smoking is the leading cause – and because of this many patients, particularly non-smokers, can feel stigmatised by their illness. A cancer diagnosis is isolating but it can be especially tough if there is stigma involved. 

More education and awareness is needed to diminish lung cancer stigma, and with your help, we can ensure that no one goes through lung cancer alone. If you or someone you know is affected by lung cancer, please call Cancer Council’s 13 11 20 for access to a comprehensive range of cancer publications, confidential support and referrals, or visit our website at cancerqld.org.au.

- C. McMillan, Cancer Council QLD

Hidden statistics

A Brisbane newspaper article mentioned statistics collected by the government which were not published.

Who knows if something is hidden from the public, and if the research can be put to good use.

Brought to light is the number of high profile individuals and politicians who have resigned or stood aside due to allegations of sexual assault or abuse, usually because of complaints by women against men. Recently, Luke Foley, former NSW Labor leader, resigned when a government member used privileged information against the woman’s wishes to publicly expose him, forcing him to resign as leader.

One statistic which interests me, that is not made public, is the number of sexual complaints made to police by women, that are later proven to be false. It would be interesting to know what percentage of complaints are withdrawn. Should this information be hidden from the public?

- J. Nauss, Glen Aplin

Ditch climate agreement

The new Saltbush Club has started a petition that urges Australia to exit immediately from the Paris Climate Agreement. Australia’s destructive war on hydro-carbon fuels waged by both sides of politics is doing great harm to Australian industries and households, making electricity more expensive and less reliable, damaging industry and job prospects, all for no climate benefits. The IPCC “science” has been shattered by a large panel of non-government scientists. 

A large international group of scientists and business people from 16 different countries including Australia have joined the Clexit Movement which urges world-wide withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and cessation of the costly war on coal, cattle and cars.

The US government has repudiated the Paris Agreement. Brazil, Russia, India and China have no intention of making meaningful cuts to their production of carbon dioxide. Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has vowed to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Hundreds of modern coal-fired power stations are being built in many nations of the world, often using good quality Australian coal to power the manufacturing and refining industries which are being driven out of Australia because of its high-cost unreliable electricity.

- V. Forbes, Washpool