Snake bite on Tamborine Mountain results in hospital trip

PARAMEDICS transported a patient in a stable condition to the Gold Coast University Hospital suffering a snake bite on Tamborine Mountain last night.

The patient had been out walking near Katoomba Crescent and was bitten on the lower leg at 9.10pm. 

This comes after last week’s warning from snake catcher and experienced herpetologist Scott Eipper of Nature 4 You.

Mr Eipper said if a snake was encountered, the best practice was to back up slowly and call an expert.

“Don’t pick them up,” he said.

“Don’t whack them and don’t try to kill them.

“We are much bigger than they are and snakes will only harm someone if they feel threatened.

“Keep an eye on the snake and ring a snake catcher.”

Mr Eipper said in his 20 years experience, the six snakes most commonly sighted in the region were carpet pythons, green tree snakes, eastern browns, yellow faced whip snakes, red-bellied black snakes and cane toad eating keelbacks.