Beaudesert State High School reaches final 10 in Archibull Competition

The ingenious use of technology has propelled Beaudesert State High School’s Archibull team into the top ten again this year.

Woolinda, is now on her way to Sydney, where judges will determine the champion school and winners of the other categories.

Year nine student Imogen Purvis said all involved were extremely proud and hoped the addition of mechanical elements would give them an edge over rivals.

“We’re hoping to win the technology award,” she said.

This year, Woolinda can swish her tail, twist her ear to flick away an annoying blowfly and move her jaw to simulate chewing all at the press of a button.

There is also a dog, which can be commanded to round up sheep, shearers that shear and a functional replica of a wool press, as well as various lights and sound effects such as the school choir singing Click Go The Shears.

Maths teacher Vincent Kruger helped the students to research, program and produce the extra elements.

He said last year’s entry had several moving parts but more were added this year for extra pizzazz.

“The students learnt not just how to program the electronics but also how to make those things work,” he said.

“They had to research, solve problems, debug issues, work together and collaborate their ideas.

“They had to ask themselves what can we do to make a concept work.

“I’ve been very impressed.”

Year 11 robotics student Fraser Cossie assisted the younger students with the programming, designing, soldering and 3D printing.

He said he enjoyed taking part in the project and loved the way Woolinda turned out.

“It was awesome,” he said.

“I like designing stuff and 3D printing so I got to do what I love.”

Agricultural science teacher and head of the Archibull program said the project had been very time consuming but the kids had not once complained or shirked their responsibilities.

“They’ve put their heart into it,” she said.

“I’m extremely proud.”

“Fingers crossed.

“There is a lot of other good entrants.

“I hope she does well.”

Year 9 student Amelia Bryan thanked Ms Perkins, Mr Stocker and Mr Kruger for allowing the students to take part in the Archibull Competition.

The school needs the community to get behind the Archibull team and vote at