Kids' Therapy Club hub to open at Canungra school

FISH TANK: Coco Fragakis and Amelia Price enjoy the sensory room in the Kids' Therapy Club at Tamborine Mountain.
FISH TANK: Coco Fragakis and Amelia Price enjoy the sensory room in the Kids' Therapy Club at Tamborine Mountain.

Canungra State School is opening its doors to provide a Kids’ Therapy Club for local children and their families.

Australia’s first school-based children's therapy club within a school facility was opened at Tamborine Mountain State School, in September last year.

This week Kids’ Therapy Club founder Fiona Fragakis announced that Canungra principal Kylie Todd-Hunter, of Canungra State School, would open a similar facility on November 15.

“The hub will provide children in Canungra and surrounding suburbs access to speech therapy, occupational therapy and child psychology, as well as various group therapy services, Ms Fragakis said.

“This is a community based hub, children do not need to be students at Canungra State School to attend the KTC hub.

“The Kids’ Therapy Club is a unique club providing a whole family approach in the management of children aged 0 – 20 years old, with specific disabilities and disorders such as learning difficulties, developmental delays, intellectual impairment, dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and sensory processing disorder.

“Or they may be children who do not have any kind of label and are simply having difficulty ‘finding their place or understanding’ the expectations or demands of home and school. One of KTC’s main goals is to maximize children’s independent participation in all aspects of their lives.”

Ms Fragakis said KTC would be a one stop shop for families and their children in need of specific therapies and support services.

“With a team of leading child psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists from the Gold Coast and Brisbane our leaders’ in their field share a passion for bringing out the best in children struggling with various difficulties.”

She said KTC also offered weekly occupational therapy and social skills courses.

“These courses are unique to KTC,  designed to promote change effectively and get children on track.

“No other center in Australia is doing this, and those who have attempted to deliver similar programs, have done so too infrequently or in an unaffordable manner.

Ms Fragakis said parents were not always equipped to handle this responsibility, with the majority being time poor and emotionally spent.

“Most importantly, children do not always respond well to parents trying to support their therapy needs. Early intervention is critical and practice is crucial to maximizing children’s potential.

“ KTC also offers support to families. This naturally includes parents, carers and siblings who can often struggle managing the special needs or disabilities of a family member.” 

All families are invited to visit the club or contact the office to discuss their child and circumstances.