Letters to the editor

I write to highlight that drowning remains one of the leading causes of accidental death of children aged to four years old.

Although there has been a significant reduction in the rate of drowning among toddlers, at Royal Life Saving we will not stop campaigning until the number of deaths is zero. Our latest research sadly reveals 965 children to four years drowned in Australia between July 1, 1993, and June 30, 2018. A lapse in adult supervision was the major risk factor in 100 per cent of toddler drowning deaths.

With the warmer weather approaching, many families and children will spend time around the pool and other waterways to cool off.  Please actively supervise children at all times when they are around water. Stay close and within arm’s reach.

Swimming pools are the leading location for drowning among children. They account for 52 per cent of all deaths.

Faulty latches and hinges or propped-open gates are the primary risk factors in home pool drowning deaths of young children. 

We urge people to regularly check their pool fence and gate to ensure they are in full working order and to never prop the gate open. It can take just a few moments for a child to slip away unnoticed, fall into the water and drown.

Drowning is quick and silent. This is why it is critical to keep watch at all times.

Distractions like browsing social media on your phone, attending to another child or going inside to grab something can have tragic consequences if a toddler is left unattended.

Preventing drowning requires multiple layers of protection. You must actively supervise children around water, restrict access, teach awareness and learn resuscitation. 

Please visit keepwatch.com.au for more information and resources.

- J. Scarr, Royal Life Saving Society

Abortion argument

It is good to hear MP Jon Krause sticking up for those who cannot defend themselves because it takes no courage to fall in behind the belligerent “what do we want, when do we want it” mob. 

C. Young (BT, Oct 24) was right to ask when will people understand no one has the right over someone else’s body. We are just talking about the human body, granted small and defenceless and therefore an easy target, about to be born.

Take abortion off the criminal code as there are extraordinary circumstances that can be argued, but for convenience or gender selection? Is that what our society, in this wealthy country, has come to?

- L. Goggins, Boyland

The role of women in society has changed drastically over the past 100 years.  

Just remember when the abortion law was introduced women were also not allowed to vote, own a home or have a job other than a housewife, mother or teacher. As society changes, the laws and government should also change to reflect people’s views.

- A. Russell, via website

Re-open Duck Creek Road

I have often used Duck Creek Road to experience the much more pleasant drive up to O'Reilly's than the bitumen route, which has many hazardous bends.

The road was always to be negotiated slowly, and as the track got worse then a 4WD became necessary. It was sad to see that adjacent landholders needed to put up signs to stop the irresponsible use of side-tracks for risky 4WD trials, with subsequent damage to these places.

That aside, it needs to be considered that this route could be made into a better and safer journey to O'Reilly's. It will not be so convenient for Gold Coast day trippers and buses. The cost of repair is quite low in view of other roadworks. Locals may object. NIMBYS always do but, as elsewhere, it would produce positive results. Let's see this wonderful route re-opened.

- I. Flinders, via website